Everything You Wanted to Know about Legal Search Engines Optimization

Legal search engines optimization is a process that is aimed at perfecting the design, content, programming code and other aspects of a legal services website for the search engines. The aim is to make the provider of the legal services, who can be a lawyer, an attorney or a law firm, get more visibility online by using SEO marketing for lawyer. When a website is optimized for the search engines, it gets better placement in the search engines results page making it more visible to the target clients. As such, more target clients tend to visit the site and if the content of the website is convincing to them, they hire the legal services that are offered or promoted via the website.

Keyword research

Conducting research on keywords to find the most appropriate keywords to use in a website is the first and perhaps, most important step in an SEO campaign. In-depth keyword research and analysis leads to the identification of the most appropriate keywords that a site should rank for in order to attract more prospects. When appropriate keywords are used properly, a website is ranked higher by the search engines leading to a steady flow of quality traffic to a website.

Website analysis

Before the actual search engine optimization campaign starts, your website might need internal optimization. This entails evaluating different aspects of a website to determine changes that need to be made. The site architecture, and internal links are checked and appropriate changes made. This ensures that your website complies with the webmaster standards set by Google.

Competitive analysis

Search engines optimization entails analyzing the competition that your site is facing. Using a wide range of processes that have been proven effective, SEO experts determine where competitors rank and what they are currently doing to enhance their ranking and what they are not doing. This is followed by the implementation of a methodological approach for differentiating a law firm from the competitors with an aim of surpassing your competitors in search engines rankings.

Content writing and link building

For prospective clients to find your website, the first step that needs to be taken is to create keyword rich and compelling content that is friendly to the search engines. This should be followed by a process of generating quality links that will show the search engines that your content is authoritative in your niche. Search engines use links like votes when it comes to ranking websites. Therefore, your site should have links from relevant and authoritative sites to rank higher in the search engines.


Blogging that is friendly to the search engines will help in driving your site up the organic rankings by the search engines. Therefore, search engines optimization for law firms should include blogging as part of the optimization strategy.


Once a search engine optimization strategy that includes the above techniques has been implemented, it should be monitored closely and reports provided. These will indicate the process that is being made and areas that need modification.Watch our YouTube video to get infromation on Attorney SEO marketing.

Basically, legal search engines optimization is a process. For help with search engines optimization for your law firm’s website, get in touch with us.